A Long Weekend on Moosehead Lake

It seems like each time I travel up to Moosehead Lake in Maine, I encounter something new – a flower that wasn’t in the same spot the previous year, a new berry I had never picked, strange weather, and reptiles and/or animals I had never seen before.

My two and a half day trip in July was a great example of this. I picked mini wild strawberries near a bog, was surrounded by crazy wind and waves with barrels so big you could surf, caught a frog, watched a snake slither in front of my foot, and had the chance to see and hear a grouse drumming.

Did I mention I saw five moose in two and half days? I finally got to see a bull (male) moose with beautiful felt on his antlers, but unfortunately, he was too deep in the trees and was scared off by us. The cows (female moose), on the other hand, are a whole nother story – they will sit there and let you get close to them, and even talk to them, and they won’t budge. I saw a calf (baby moose) on my way out of the woods, but it was running down a dirt road, and we were going too fast for me to grab a pic.

Here’s a pictorial of my trip to Moosehead Lake. Enjoy!

Maine July 2016_81
Kokadjo, Maine

Maine July 2016_82

Maine July 2016_86
I love the mountain views on the way into the camp and on the lake.

Maine July 2016_87

Maine July 2016_99

Maine July 2016_100

Maine July 2016_101

Maine July 2016_102

Maine July 2016_104

Maine July 2016_113

Maine July 2016_117

Maine July 2016_119

Maine July 2016_122

Maine July 2016_127

Maine July 2016_130

Maine July 2016_136

Maine July 2016_144
Maine July 2016_157

Maine July 2016_165
This is the road we had to take to get water from a spring. It doesn’t look too bad, but it was a BUMPY ride down!

Maine July 2016_173

Maine July 2016_193

Maine July 2016_195

Maine July 2016_199

Maine July 2016_204
Wild mini strawberries. They were delicious!

Maine July 2016_207

Maine July 2016_208

Maine July 2016_211

Maine July 2016_218
This fly had red eyes. It was really creepy!
Maine July 2016_228
I love this view – you can see Moosehead coming down from the mountain

Maine July 2016_229

Maine July 2016_236

Maine July 2016_250
When you hit a road block in the middle of the woods! There was a bridge here, but it’s gone!

Maine July 2016_252

Maine July 2016_254
Maine July 2016_258

Maine July 2016_271

Maine July 2016_279

Maine July 2016_313

Maine July 2016_319

Maine July 2016_341
Maine July 2016_333


2 comments on “A Long Weekend on Moosehead Lake

  1. Stunning photographs! Thank you.
    Its been decades since I visited Maine’s Moosehead Lake. I stayed on the far side from Greenville. The first day in we saw 18 moose. The canoe ride to the camp was surreal. Times change as more camps and roads are built. And those tiny strawberries! They have the biggest flavor of any strawberry I’ve had in my life.

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