The Mountains Were Calling: Visiting Maine’s Mountains

I had an absolutely amazing four days with my husband up in Maine where we took a voyage from Moosehead Lake, to Bar Harbor, and then to our final destination in Lincolnville/Camden, ME.

We started our week off heading up to our family’s camp on Moosehead, stopping first in Greenville at Indian Hill where we braved an impressive thunderstorm that left us stranded in the store for a few minutes… until my husband went out and got the truck so I wouldn’t have to get soaked in the pouring rain.  Yeah, he’s pretty much the man 🙂  After the storm, we made our way over to eat at Kelly’s Landing. I probably should have taken a photo of my food, but we were in a hurry to get up to camp before dark. I have a little problem when I go to Maine; I feel like I have to eat Seafood for every meal, when we eat out, so I ordered seafood; the Maine Crab & Lobster Cakes with sun-dried tomato & rosemary butter and oh my, were they delicious!  The crab/lobster cakes and the butter were a perfect pairing. My husband on the other hand, decided he would feed his inner child, and went with chicken tenders.  I loved Kelly Landing’s dining room, it was very rustic, made of knotty pine, with a large red brick fireplace, and we were able to get a window booth, so we ate and enjoyed the views of Moosehead out the window.  They also have seating on their deck, but the rain killed any opportunity for us to sit out there, which is fine, we would be up at the camp in no time enjoying the view of the lake!Moosehead Lake, ME |

On our ride up to the cabin, we saw two moose: a cow (female) and a calf, both standing in the Golden Road. They were pretty dark, and the first one was standing under a tree, so we really didn’t make her out until we got closer and saw her move. The little one decided to run down the road in front of us instead of just running away into the woods, which of course we didn’t want it to do, so we had to stop to let it wander where it needed to go to feel comfortable that it had gotten away from us.

Moosehead Lake, ME | Kokadjo, ME |



The temperature was perfect at the camp, but the water was FREEZING! It felt as cold as the spring water that falls into Moosehead. If you’ve never jumped under a spring and you find one while venturing up there, you need to jump under one just once. You will have the shock of your life, but you’ll have a good laugh and a fun story to tell afterwards!

We did manage to get one of the boats in the water to cruise around on the lake. There were a lot of people up there fishing, but we were just up there for a few days of relaxation before heading over to Lincolnville, so there was no fishing for us this weekend.  It was nice to get out on the lake and enjoy the gorgeous afternoon. After our ride, the wind arrived and the lake took a turn. We had a blast trying to get the boat out of the water when it was time to close up camp! We were fighting the waves and were waist deep in that FREEZING water… oh what fun! You have to do what you have to do sometimes to enjoy the little things in life, right?

The rest of the time at the camp were pretty much lazy days. I started reading this book while I was there, and I have to say I was addicted. I couldn’t put it down. I felt it was the perfect book to read, being in the woods and all, and after being in the mountains the days after Moosehead, it really made me appreciate the book and the story so much more. I highly recommend it, and can’t wait to watch the movie after I’m done with the book (less than 20 pages left!). On that note, have any of you read a good book about the Adirondack Trail? I would love for you to leave your recommendations in the comments below if you have!

Since I’ve been dying to see/photograph Mt. Katahdin and we were on our way to Acadia, we decided to make our way out of Moosehead via Millinocket instead of Greenville. On the way to Mt. Katahdin, we stopped by the river so I could get a few shots. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I honestly could have sat there the whole day watching the water run over the rocks… with bug spray in hand of course because the mosquitos were just terrible! I got swarmed by them really fast; I had about 30 of them biting my left arm while I was trying to setup my tripod.  I called to my husband, who was at his truck, to bring me bug spray ASAP! It was pretty crazy.  I don’t think I’ve ever had that many mosquitos on me before!

Since it was overcast, we’ll be making our way back there on a day when there’s some sun and blue sky. Which brings me to Mt. Katahdin and the cloud that was circling its peak. Regardless of if it was overcast or not, it was still a beautiful site to see, just simply beautiful. I’ve always loved looking at the mountain from far away on Moosehead, but being close was even better. It’s stunning, just stunning. I can’t wait to go back there on clear day.

After Mt. Katahdin we made a pit stop and off we were to Acadia National Park. I’m honestly shocked I’ve never been to Acadia. I guess every time I’ve been to Maine it’s always visiting the Portland/Freeport/Kennebunkport areas or it’s “we need to hurry up and get up to the camp!” Because, as I’m sure you can tell, both my husband and I have a camp/Moosehead addiction. But, after going to Acadia, we will most definitely be back to see more of the park and explore the area more.

The drive up Cadillac Mountain was really intense.  It reminded me of a few years ago when we were driving 8,000 ft up on a mountain in Wyoming in extremely foggy conditions, only this time, we could see what was over the edge.  But once we hit the top, it was all worth it.  I could not believe the views from Cadillac Mountain, they were incredible. On one side you have a view of mountains and woods and on the other side is the view of Bar Harbor.

We only had a few hours at Acadia because we needed to leave to drive to Lincolnville, so we pulled over in a parking lot at Acadia and ate some lunch that we had left over from the camp and started our drive down Route 1 to Lincolnville where we would be staying at Glenmoor by the Sea.

When we arrived at Glenmoor by the Sea, I couldn’t believe how stunningly charming the resort was, and that was only the beginning of the amazing experience we had because Glenmoor isn’t just a place to say, they provide you with an experience like no other.  To see more from my stay at Glenmoor by the Sea, click here.

After arriving at our cottage, I spent some time on the rocking chair reading my book while my husband was off getting a carwash (because we ran through a ton of mud on our way into the camp). When he got back, we went out to grab a bite to eat – seafood of course 🙂

It was recommended that we try out McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack, which was a great recommendation! Their batter was a lot different than many fried seafood places I have been to when it came to taste and lightness; it wasn’t greasy and it had a very yummy, distinctive taste that must have come from a seasoning they use, which I couldn’t put my finger on. I went with the shrimp and clams combo, and much to my delight, they were whole belly clams! It was served with fries, coleslaw, and corn bread, and I got a lemonade to round out my summer meal. The food was so good that I finished my whole meal, which is very unusual for me!


On the last day of our trip, we headed up the road to visit Mt. Battie – the mountain at Camden Hills State Park.  Mt. Battie was another beautiful overlook over the bay. It was similar to Cadillac Mountain in Acadia in that you can also hike or drive up the mountain. We drove up the mountain, which isn’t as steep as Cadillac, and there was a gorgeous view at the top, along with a tower that is a replica of the tower in Tuoro Park in Newport, RI. When you are done visiting the top of the mountain, you can go across the street for other water views.  On the way out, I recommend stopping by Mt. Battie Takeout to grab some ice cream (Their Coffee Health Bar ice cream is rich and creamy… YUM).

Wow, what a jammed-packed four days!  I hope you all enjoyed my trip from Moosehead to Acadia to Lincolnville/Camden.  If you’ve traveled to any of these locations, please feel free to share your stories/experiences or what you love to do when you’re visiting, in the comments below!

Places Mentioned in this Post

Acadia National Park | Off Route 3 | 25 Visitor Center Rd, Mount Desert Island, ME 04644-3000

Glenmoor by the Sea | 2143 Atlantic Hwy, Lincolnville, ME 04849 | (207) 236-7905

Indian Hill Trading Post | 148 Moosehead Lake Rd, Greenville, ME 04441

Kelly’s Landing | 13 Rockwood Rd, Greenville Junction, ME 04442

McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack | 12 McKay Rd, Lincolnville, ME 04849

Mt. Battie | Camden Hills State Park | 280 Belfast Rd, Camden, ME 04843

Mount Battie Takeout | 247 Belfast Rd, Camden, ME 04843

Mt. Katahdin

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The Mountains Were Calling: Visiting Camden, Bar Harbor and Moosehead Lake Maine
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