Woodsy Seaside Escape Near Camden, Maine

I had never been to the Camden area of Maine, so when I found out about the Maine hotel, Glenmoor by the Sea and Lincolnville, ME, a stay in Lincolnville was a no brainer!

When we arrived at Glenmoor by the Sea, I couldn’t believe how stunningly charming the resort was, and that was only the beginning of the amazing experience we had. Glenmoor isn’t just a place to say, they provide you with an experience like no other. The resort is newly owned by a fantastic couple who have created a family/community atmosphere at their gorgeous location overlooking the Penobscot Bay. The view is magnificent from any part of the property you are on. The buildings are so charming and a hidden door in the main building will leave you enchanted.

When we checked in, we met one of the owners/innkeeper, Millicent, who has such a personable and fun personality. She told us about the continental breakfast, and informed me that they had ICED COFFEE!! I was of course, immediately in heaven, looking forward to the next morning. 聽I don’t think I’ve ever seen iced coffee available at any of the resort/hotels in my travels, so I was really excited to try it the next morning. The coffee is actually from a little local coffee hut down the street from them, and it’s REALLY good.

Millicent invited us to enjoy the fire pit that night, so we decided to check into our cottage and grab a bite so we could join the other guests at the fire pit at 8pm.

We drove down to our cottage, Cottage #27, and were so blown away by the beauty of not only the cottage, but of our view! The cottage was a yellow, one-room cottage with a porch that overlooked the bay. The porch had three Adirondack chairs. Three! How awesome is that?

We walked into the cottage and were even more blow away; there was a little round table, creating a cozy nook for eating; a sofa, a cushy rocking chair, a huge flat-screen TV, a bed, dressers, a microwave, mini fridge, and then a bathroom. It was SO adorable! And I absolutely loved the color of the room, it was a light mint color, which to me is beachy, beachy, beachy! The room just felt simply cozy. Case in point, my husband plopped himself down on the sofa and didn’t want to get up! He was enjoying the comfort of the sofa and the view of the ocean out the three windows in front of him.

The comfortable bed continued the cottage theme with a quilt and pillow case that gave it that cottage/beachy feel. The cottage also had many other windows, so there was a ton of natural light pouring in to give the room that bright, airy feel, which I LOVED. If you would much rather have your own place, rather than staying in a hotel or a motel, the cottages are a perfect, quiet option.

The rest of the property has an inn, motel, and additional cottages, as well as tennis courts, two heated pools, a gym, and a beautiful area on their vast lawn that has a fire pit, grills, horseshoes, and corn hole.

One thing that really stood out to both my husband and me when it came to both Lincolnville and Glenmoor by the Sea, was that you felt like you were in the woods, but you were in fact, in a coastal town. It was a perfect balance that made our experience that much more enjoyable because we love the woods and I’m originally from a coastal town! It’s a place I could see myself residing in, especially because it was very historic. I didn’t have the chance to walk around and take photos, but the town does have a lot of colonial charm.

We decided to enjoy the cottage a little more before heading up to the fire pit, so we sat outside on the porch in the Adirondack chairs. My husband was cruising around on the internet on his iPad while I was relaxing, reading my book. It was so nice sitting there with the cool June breeze, listening to the waves crash on shore. 聽It was by far the most relaxing stay I’ve ever had while traveling, and the ambiance of the cottage and the blue sea definitely contributed to that!

After we spent some time enjoying the coastal beauty off of our cottage’s porch, we had a really great time chatting with the other guests up at the fire pit. I found out that one of the guest lived in my hometown for a few months, which was crazy to me! I really liked mingling with the other guests. Typically, it’s not something I would do on a trip, but I enjoyed talking to all of them. There were a great mix of personalities staying there from all over the US, and I loved sitting around the fire hearing where everybody was from and their stories. When we went to breakfast in the morning, we continued talking to the guests, mainly about Moose and other wild animals. It was a fun conversation, and I’m glad I got the chance to meet some new people while I was there. It’s definitely an experience I haven’t had at other resorts/hotels I’ve visited over the years.

Speaking of breakfast, their continental breakfast was so great! They had cinnamon apple scones that were out of this world, waffles, bagels, cereals, granola, the local iced and regular coffee, and yogurt cups with honey, granola, strawberries. I loved the yogurt cups and iced coffee; it was nice and refreshing to have something fresh and different to choose from at a continental breakfast.

I don’t remember the last time I saw a sunrise, but I was told that the sunrise was amazing at Glenmoor, so I woke up just before 5am to an orange room, and I knew the sunrise was going to be super vibrant. 聽I jumped out of bed, half asleep, grabbed my tripod and camera, and went outside to capture the orange-drenched sky. 聽It was so beautiful, and I have to admit, it was wayyyy too early for me, so I only got a few shots and went back to bed 馃槈

I loved our experience at Glenmoor by the Sea and was really sad when we had to leave. I cannot thank Millicent and Renato enough for all their wonderful hospitality. I have never felt so welcomed while traveling. They really have a one of a kind hotel that I highly recommend if you are visiting the Camden area. You will want to go back again and again, I promise!

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Glenmoor by the Sea in Lincolnville, ME


  1. If you enjoyed the book that you are reading now, “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed about the PCT, then you may also enjoy “The Stranger in the Woods” the extraordinary story of the last true hermit (the North Pond Maine Hermit) by Michael Finkel.
    I also enjoyed a book called, “Into the Woods” by Bill Bryson. It’s about hiking the Appalachian Trail & has some good humor.
    Glad that you enjoyed your stay in ME!

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