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If roughing it up the Golden Road to the North Maine woods isn’t really your thing, but you still want to enjoy the beauty of Moosehead Lake OR you do want to live off the grid for a week, my suggestion to you would be to visit Greenville. There are many places you can stay in and around Greenville that will feed your desire to vacation in the woods!

Maine July 2016_7
The view over the hill coming into Greenville

Maine July 2016_70
AMC Maine Wilderness Lodges: 聽Stay at the Little Lyford Lodge & Cabins for an off the grid experience. No cell phones and internet here! Just enjoy some fresh air in the Maine woods, log cabin style.

Rockwood Maine is just north of Greenville and is home to the Tomhegan Wilderness Camps, that have four-season cabins and a lodge right on Moosehead Lake. Their cabins have a kitchen with a stove, fridge, and a full bath. Both the cabins and lodge have views of Moosehead Lake. Boats, canoes, kayaks, and ice shacks are available for rent, and if hunting, fishing, or nature walking is more your thing, there are guides available to bring you on your journey through the woods. Want to ice fish? The season runs January 1st through March 31st and Moosehead is a prime spot for fishing! I should know, my lunch this week has been my fresh salmon I caught at the lake 馃檪 If you go on Tomhegan’s Facebook page you can see the wildlife that fills their camp. I just love seeing their photos in my news feed.

The Blair Hill Inn
The Blair Hill Inn

If you want to visit a location with picturesque views, but desire more of a luxurious stay and some pampering, then a stay at the Blair Hill Inn might be the place for you! 聽This elegant bed and breakfast sits atop a hill overlooking the many islands of Moosehead Lake. It is an absolutely stunning view that is a must see! Their guest rooms are to die for. The Inn also offers fine dining and a day spa, which is in a restored barn (pretty neat in my book) and uses all natural products, many of which are house-made.

One of the views in front of the Blair Hill Inn
One of the views in front of the Blair Hill Inn – taken from the road at a not-so-ideal speed!

Would you like to rent a cabin? Former NASCAR driver and announcer, Ricky Craven has his available for rent here.

Want a few more options? Check out The Lodge at Moosehead Lake聽and/or The Greenville Inn.

*Just for the record, I have never stayed at any of these locations because my family has a cabin. 聽These are just some I’m familiar with from visiting Greenville so often, but they all have excellent reviews online!

Here are some photos from Greenville. 聽I love stopping into town before we head up to the camp.

The Farmer's Market in Greenville
The Farmer’s Market in Greenville

Maine July 2016_72

Maine July 2016_68

Maine July 2016_64

Maine July 2016_63

Maine July 2016_59

Maine July 2016_57


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Maine July 2016_50

Maine July 2016_47

Maine July 2016_30

Maine July 2016_45
Greenville Junction

Maine July 2016_43

Maine July 2016_42
Kelly’s Landing in Greenville Junction

Maine July 2016_41

Maine July 2016_38

Maine July 2016_36

Maine July 2016_35

Maine July 2016_28

Maine July 2016_25

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Maine July 2016_23

Maine July 2016_22

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Maine July 2016_17

Maine July 2016_16

Maine July 2016_14

Maine July 2016_12

Maine July 2016_10

Maine July 2016_8


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